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Who We Are



CoCreate Collective was founded in 2016 by Christine Yuen and Renu Raju - best friends, globe-trotting buddies, and general partners in crime.

The Collective network is a collaboration between the founders and individuals who are industry professionals; whose skills are tried and true, and during some point in their careers have worked with and/or collaborated with the founders. Members of the Collective network are held in high esteem, not only because they are essentially good friends who are like-minded individuals, but also because they bring to the table great value for the clientele.


The Founders

Christine is passionate about working with people and is an avid believer in organic collaboration. With a background in public relations communications, creative content, and online marketing, Christine knows a thing or two about how to encapsulate an ideal and represent it to your public. A few words from Christine…

"Everything is so mechanical and saturated these days, I just really want to go back to the roots of what make people so special - the genuine connections and real conversations. Because only in real, human-to-human connections can we find true value to anything that we do. I really believe in that! "

Renu is the design and visualisation lead. Her strengths lie in attentive and personable design. Renu has a keen ability to gracefully dance between the lines of pushing the limits of her work to create unprecedented outcomes, and nailing a creative brief on its head that also creates great outcomes. Basically, she is an exceptional designer. A few words from Renu…

"When it comes to design and advertising, nothing is really timeless. It pays to know your audience and spend your time wisely. What you invest in is what you get back. And in my opinion, the most important thing for any business is to be able to truly connect with your audience, in any shape or form possible."



We are a brand and digital consultancy. At the very heart, we believe that a brand should be a legacy that remains constant, long after its creation. The journey to building a lasting brand requires beautiful collaboration and organic synergy. A two way street. This is where we come in.

A new business has one shot to get it right. Creating a brand that encapsulates the ethos of your business is one of a few core ingredients new businesses will need to nail. With our help, we will get you there.

We hired CoCreate to re-imagine and design the Women in Music logo and they were true professionals to work with and delivered well-thought out and diverse ideas for us to choose from. Based on the quality of work, professionalism, and understanding of the brand they are working with I would 100% recommend CoCreate to clients looking to work with a fast and dynamic graphic design team!
— Sari Delmar, Board Director | Women in Music, USA

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